Friday, 31 August 2012

Some Important Points to Consider When Packing for Char Dham Yatra Tours

We field a lot of queries for our pilgrimage tour packages, especially the Char Dham Yatra tours. These tours are especially suitable for those looking for a spiritual bend on their Indian holidays.

As we process one tour booking after the other, some of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that we entertain have compelled us to enlist some important points that first time visitors must consider.
1- Getting your documents in order
Now this starts right as you book your tour with us. For some of our packages, we will need to apply for permit and visa at the Chinese Embassy. For this you are required to send a copy of your passport. Also, it is advisable to have all your travel and verification documents scanned and saved online.

This saves you the risk of getting stranded in case your documents get stolen or lost. Carry lots of photocopies of your identity proofs.

2- Carry lots of Pocket Change

This holds especially advisable for foreign visitors. En-route to various destinations, there are several vendors trading Handicrafts or offering horse rides (examples); carrying only high currency notes is often inconvenient and it is more sensible to have lots of local currency notes of lower denominations.

3- Pack light

There’s no need to stuff all your woolens into a suitcase. We provide our clients with down jackets whenever requested. Remember, for all the Yatras, you’ll have to ferry your luggage around. So it makes a lot of sense in packing light.

4- Visa Expenses
Please remember that extra charges are incurred on last minute visa applications. This is one reason we insist you on getting your reservations in place at least a couple of months ahead of schedule.
These are only a few pointers.

We will keep on adding and updating to the above list of four. Nonetheless, our enquiry helpline is always open to allay any of your doubts.


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