Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vaishno Devi Yatra - A Spiritual Escape with Exotic Holiday in India

India is a country where religion is deeply engraved into the culture and is a part of the day to day life. Hindus believe that the existence of divine power can be felt in living and non-living alike. It is this belief that compels thousands of devotees to throng Himalayan trail to the abode of Vaishnodevi Mata. It is believed that whosoever wishes for a boon from the goddess hardly gets disappointed. Various legends are associated with Mata Vaishnodevi and her shrine.

According to Hindu epics, Maa Vaisno Devi was born in South India. Born to childless parents, the night before her birth her father prayed to the gods and was blessed. When she was 9 years old, Trikuta as she was named, sought her father's permission for doing penance on the seashore.

She prayed to Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Rama. Pleased by her devotion, Lord Rama renamed her Vaishnavi (a devotee) and asked to meditate in the Trikuta mountain range in North India. Promising her that the entire world would be singing her praise, Lord Rama also said Trikuta was to become famous as Vaishno Devi and would become immortal forever.

Bahironath, a tantric came to know about it and he decided to see her. Smitten by her beauty and grace, he forced her to marry him. Somehow evading him, the goddess confronted the tantric on the mouth of her cave and beheaded him. Bhaironath's head flung up the mountain by force of the blow and fell at the place where the Bhairon Temple is now built.

It is certainly a divine power that gives mental and physical strength to the pilgrims to trudge for miles after miles on the pathways cut across the hillside to reach the sacred shrine of Vaishnodevi. This shrine signifies the victory of goodness over evil and light over darkness.

The sacred shrine of Mata Vaishnodevi can be reached in a number of means. Vaishno Devi Temple can be reached after making a steep 13-km trek from Katra, the town at the foot of the Trikuta hills. Though the route is craggy and demands physical and mental strength of the pilgrims, the scenic beauty all around makes the travelers walk through mile and miles. For the aged pilgrims and people who are running short of time, Vaishno Devi Yatra by helicopter is the best option to opt for.

Those who want to savor the beauty of the Kashmir valley they can spend some time in Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar on their way back from Vaishnodevi. The white snowland of Gulmarg is just 50 kilometers from Srinagar. For the adventure enthusiasts, the place is a heaven as it offers scopes for various adventure sports and activities. While staying in Srinagar, a romantic Shikara ride on the Dal Lake can be an ultimate romantic vacationing idea for the love birds.

Whether it is for the spiritual enlightenment of the self or for enjoying the scorching summer days in the tranquil landscape of Jammu & Kashmir Valley, the Vaishno Devi Yatra is the best answer to the globetrotters all around the world. Self-enlightening, thrilling, adventurous and romantic- a walk to the sacred shrine of Vaishnodevi in India is a journey worth to be treasured for lifetime.


It's very beautiful place in India

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